Works For All 50 STATES
Step-by-Step Guide to Passing the Test

Pass the Written Driving Test
or Your Money Back GUARANTEED!

The beauty of the DVD is that instead of reading the over 100 page driver’s manual,
you just watch a 40 minute video program and you are
guaranteed to pass the Written Driving test or your money back
(*see guarantee details when you order)

The program reduces or eliminates the frustration with reading the driver’s
manual,which normally takes teenagers and seniors several days to read.
For most people this is a hassle they would like to avoid.

On the other hand, our program makes the learning process
“FAST, FUN AND FRIENDLY”. You learn the information easier
(because it is visual) and you retain it more thoroughly.
You just watch a 40-minute video presentation and take a few notes.

Next, you click on your individual state from a menu of 50 states and learn the
4 or 5 things that are different in your state form the main program.
This makes the program good for all 50 states.

Now, you are ready to take the test.  Not only that, but you have become a

Most of our customers have been moms, teenagers, and seniors
(people over 70 must retake the test).  However, the program also
appeals to immigrants (available in Espanol), foreigners,
people from out of state, and people who have trouble-reading manuals. 

Guaranteed to pass the Written Driving test or your money back.